Vigia System Information

Benefits of using the Vigia system:

  • Gives longer useful tyre life
    Driving your vehicle with tyres under-inflated by 30% can reduce their life by  33%.
  • Avoids unplanned stops caused by punctures
    Stopping to change a tyre is a loss of valuable time, and brings about needless fatigue.
  • Reduces   tyre wear and tear considerably
    VIGIA increases the useful life of tyres by a 20% minimum, because it always keeps the pressure set at the value established by the manufacturer.Optimises fuel consumption
    When all tyres are correctly inflated, there will be measurable improvements in fuel consumption.
  • Increases safety on the road
    If the tyre pressure falls, even by a small amount, Vigia instantly commences the inflation process.f the tyre pressure falls, even by a small amount, Vigia instantly commences the inflation process.
  • Improves the meeting of schedules
    Efficiency is increased and targets are met when schedules are kept every day.
  • Assists in productivity and image
    Changing tyres at the side of the road, with a fully loaded truck or with passengers watching, harms your Company image.

Don't leave your profitability at the side of the road: 

 Proper inflation is the most important requirement for maximum tyre safety and tyre mileage.

Correct tyre pressure provides proper sidewall flexing and safe operating temperature of the tyres.

Under-inflation creates excessive heat, seriously reducing tyre life, increases fuel consumption and can cause tyre failure.

Tyre expenses are one of the greatest costs in a commercial vehicle operation. Tyres rank only behind labour and fuel in the cost of doing business.

Under-inflation of tyres is particularly serious when the inside tyre of a dual set begins losing pressure.

Because the inside tyre is hard to see and it is supported by the outside tyre, the problem may not be noticeable in the way the vehicle handles, until it is too late. After travelling a long distance, the inside tyre can build enormous heat, sometimes breaking into flames.

The outside tyre, now supporting the whole load for its paired set, is also damaged. In some cases both tyres fail with very dangerous consequences.

Maintaining the correct pressure is the easiest, yet most important thing you can do to gain the best performance, economy and safety from your tyres.


The Vigia system allows for constant and automatic monitoring and adjustment of tyre pressure. The system maintains a predetermined cold pressure, even in a moving vehicle or a vehicle with punctures tyres. 
When tyre pressure falls, by however small an amount, in one or more tyres, the VIGIA system automatically generates an audio and visual signal that informs the driver of the problem, and its location.  

At the same time, the process of inflation commences instantly, keeping tyre pressures calibrated at the pre-set levels.

VIGIA has a double safety system

If the loss of air is substantial, as in the case of a blow-out, and the equipment is not able to compensate for this loss, an audio and visual signal advises the driver.

At the same time, an electronic security mechanism blocks the equipment, stopping the system from pumping air, thus ensuring the normal operation of the other air-driven systems (brakes, suspension, etc.).


Installing the Vigia system will improve your bottom line by increasing tyre life and reducing fuel consumption.

Example of yearly savings

200,000 kms x 1.6km/litre 125000 litres  
If you could save 5%, you would save 6250 litres  
$1.40 x 6,250 litres   $8,750
Six-axle rig with 22 tyres at $500 each $11000  
20% extra life   $ 2,200
Yearly savings   $10,950








If you keep a rig for four years, this represents a saving of over $40,000. And this is only calculated on tyre wear and fuel consumption!

Don't you think the Vigia system is a worthwhile investment for your business?