Ecowind Sleeper Cab AirConditioning

Ecowind is a diesel powered air conditioner specially developed for harsh Australian conditions and factory built by Lombardini in Italy. It runs off its self contained compact diesel motor.

Cooling - The driver can sleep comfortably in the hottest environment with the Ecowind unit capable of punching out 13, 000 btu of cooling. Cabin temperature can be adjusted to your requirements between 17 - 23 degrees C, plus air flow is controlled by variable speed controller.

Noise - what noise? Ecowind is the quitest diesel powered airconditioner on the market, operates at just 60 db. Whisper quiet inside the cab ensuring ideal sleeping conditions.

Running time - Ecowind uses just 0.7 L / hr from the trucks fuel tanks and therefore has virtually unlimited run time.

Truck types - Ecowind is easily fitted to most makes and models and available in 12 and 24 volt models

Warranty & Service - Ecowind comes with a 12 month or 1000 hours warranty with service intervals of 200 hours.

Ecowind is now equipped with the lastest solid state integrated electronic control and safety system for maximum reliability.

Smart Battery Sensor - Automated contineous low battery recharge.

Specifications - Please click here to have a copy of the Ecowind specification

Electric Air Conditioner

PureAir is a compact electrically operated air conditioner. This split system consists of a lightweight unit mounted on the rear external cabin wall with the evaporator on the sleeper cab internal wall.

DC Powered - PureAir is powered by the truck's bank of batteries. The unit is equipped with a Safety Switch to detect low battery voltage and switch off the unit. The truck can optionally be fitted with Deep Cycle batteries for  longer Air Conditioner running time.
Available in 12 and 24 volt models.

Noise - PureAir being an electrically operated unit is near silent with only the whisper quiet fan therefore the driver experiences a peaceful refreshing sleep.

Eco Friendly - PureAir is great for the environment. By being electrically powered it does not emit any exhaust fumes into the atmosphere.


Please click here to have a copy of the
Pure Air specification

KoolKat truck air conditioners are designed to cool the drivers cabin and sleep cab. This is a split system consisting of external Air Conditioning power unit, Evaporator inside cab and Condensor on cab external wall.

DC Powered - KoolKat is powered by its own battery bank of 2 or optionally 4 rechargeable deep cycle batteries. When the truck is on the road the KoolKat is powered by the trucks alternator

Truck types - Koolkat is easily fitted to most makes and models and is available in 12 and 24 volt models.

Eco Friendly - As with the Pure Air system, the KoolKat also has no emitted fumes that would harm the environment. being an electric unit there is also near silent operation ensuring that the driver as well as neighbouring trucks are not disturbed

Please click here to have a copy of the Koolkat specification